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Salaam very good service and super fast delivery. Besides that my friend loves his gift as he is in the process of converting to Islam


Delivery was hassel free and efficient. It was well packaged and the clock arrived safely. This clock is not only beautiful to look at but also helps with staying on time for Salah, especially for Fajr. The instructions are easy to understand. The clock looks amazing in my home.

Interactive Adult Salah Mat

AlFajr Sports Watch
Bilkish Shaikh

Love the watch. Service was super quick and efficient. 👌👌

I love my salaah mat

Good and fast service , my teenager love the mat, Jazakallah.

Alhamdullilah, very good. Rate 5

Quran & Dua Pillow

My little one loves it.

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmah tullahi wa barakatuhu. Alhumdulillah wa shukrullah I. Very pleased with the speedy service. I purchased for a friend and sent it as received for her to open . Awaiting her feedback in sha Allah she will be pleased and benefit considerably ameen summa Ameen

My Salah Mat
Zaheeda Bhamjee
Salah mat

As salaamualaikum,I purchased the Salah mat for my daughter and it was the best decision I ever made, alhamdulillah may Allah continue to guide her.i am glad that it works as the videos depict reason being there are counterfeit ones going around,I fell victim to it so just a word of advice to be careful:) jazakallah

Quran Cube LED X
Farhad Paleker

Quran Cube LED X

Arabic Letter Necklace
Umi Salma Majam

Stunning pieces...Alhumdullilah

Arabic Letter Necklace

Quran & Dua Pillow
Mohammed Zain Anwary

Quran & Dua Pillow

Quran & Dua Pillow
Amina Rajah

Well done butbi am still looking for another Quran cube in rose gold

Alhamdulilah, what an amazing purchase!

Wslm I am absolutely satisfied with my product purchased and how easy it was to order not forgetting the superb delivery process. Shukran Deen store. Satisfied customer

Hijab Magnets
Uresha Shaik

Love my hijab magnets!

Interactive Adult Salah Mat
Veronica Lentsoane

Interactive Adult Salah Mat

My granddaughter is only 20 months old and she loves Fatima, jazakamalu gheiran for the this informative toy. I was a bit stressed out about because it was out for deli ery for 2 days! Alghamdulilaah I received it on time.

Quran & Dua Pillow
Sajidah Vania
Excellent Gift

The best gifts to give a newborn. Something they will cherish for years.

I personally like the Quran cube Pillow.
From baby up until their later years this pillow will insha Allah keep the child steadfast in the seen. And it so important in these times

Nice buy!

The buying process at Deen District was great and efficient; received the item 3 days after my order and was kept up to date regarding progress.
The Quran Cube is wonderful. It has 4 functions: Quran reading, BlueTooth to connect to a device and listen through the Cube, The Clock to show time, the Athaan function. If there is anything else, I haven’t figured it out yet :)
The Athaan function is not what I expected, its quite manual. You have to input each prayer time and as the times change, you will have to manually change the times. Would have been nicer to have that connected to WIFI to change automatically.

Quran & Dua Pillow
Juweria Shaik

My baby absolutely loves his dua pillow. Jazak Allah khair.